VoIP Technology

Server based VoIP Projects

Firmix realises server based VoIP projects on dedicated servers, virtual machines (VM) or high availability cluster systems. Firmix VoIP projects range from simple telephony services up to high availability emergency call systems.

Most of our customers do not allow us to disclose project relevant information. Any information we receive from you about your project will be treated as confidential. This includes any preliminary discussions.

VoIP projects based on embedded hardware

Customers especially benefit from the Firmix know-how for this type of project. Firmix has successfully carried out a broad range of projects based on Linux and µCLinux with various processor types and hardware codecs, various SIP and H.323 libraries as well as hardware-related programming tasks.

Asterisk™ Services

Asterisk™ is an open source telephony software that supports has features of both traditional PBXs as well as VoIP (Voice over IP) systems. We provide customized solutions by offering for

  • Porting of Asterisk™ to various processor platforms
  • Asterisk™ modification and adaption for telecom products
  • Product development based on Asterisk™
  • Realisation of specific telephony applications
  • Implementation and maintenance of product specific Asterisk™ enhancements

Examples of Asterisk™ based solutions are the FATS2 telephone system,  Vdex™ and the realisation of middle and large size telephony applications on behalf of clients. For all these products, Asterisk™ has been hardened to achieve the highest robustness.

We are realising projects for both national and international customers and partners.