Asterisk Services

Asterisk® is an open source telephony software that has features from both traditional PBX's and VoIP (Voice over IP) systems. We provide customized solutions by offering high-level support, e.g.

Embedded Linux Services

The Firmix team has successfully completed numerous embedded Linux projects over the last 15 years. Customers of Firmix benefit from the experience and knowledge gained in these projects. The development of embedded Linux systems calls for know-how about hardware and software tools, hands-on experience with common technologies and knowledge about production transition.

Linux Cluster

Firmix offers clustered high-availability server solutions. Since HA clusters are not a standard product, Firmix evaluates the basic conditions and the customer's requirements to create an implementation manual.

Already existing clusters from Firmix are using open source tools like Heartbeat (cluster manager for server/service monitoring), rsync and others.