Vdex is an IP telephone system for the small business market that supports up to 50 SIP / IAX phones. For higher reliability, Vdex works without hard disks or noisy fans which are prone to mechanical failure. Equipped with a large amount of flash memory, Vdex is able to store client voicemail messages and customized soundfiles. For more detailed information about Vdex, please visit the product Web site www.vdex.eu.

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Vdex-40 supports four built-in analogue ports for direct lines from telecom companies and additional lines using SIP trunking. Utilising the popular Asterisk PBX software version 1.4, Vdex provides both PBX and advanced Voice-over-IP (VoIP) functionality. The Vdex platform meets the requirements of SME customers, VARs and service providers.

For configuration and management the intuitive graphical web-based configuration tool AstA*UI™, (Asterisk® Appliance User Interface) by Firmix is used.

Vdex40 Front View

Front View

Vdex40 Rear View

Rear View


• Embedded appliance using 1GB flash memory • Voicemail up to 45 hours
• Low power consumption, fanless operation • Voicemail to email forwarding
• Browser / Web based configuration • DISA with caller-ID and/or PIN code
• SIP / IAX phone support for up to 50 phones • Personal conference rooms with recording capability
• SIP / IAX provider trunk support • Incoming and outgoing time-based call routing
• Caller-ID and trunk based automated attendants • Hardware based voice codecs
• Remote SIP / IAX extensions • Hardware based echo cancellation
• Mobile phone and fixed line phones extensions • Various free CTI applications available