AstA*UI (Asterisk® Appliance User Interface) is a web-browser based user interface for the configuration and management of Asterisk® based appliances. The software is optimized for performance and minimal resource usage. It is compatible with modern web-browsers like Firefox and Internet-Explorer. AstA*UI enables simple users to setup Asterisk® appliances as a modern and powerful telephone system. Currently, AstA*UI supports the Vdex appliance.


FATS2 Firmix Advanced Telephony System

FATS2 is an IP based, unified communications application server which provides easy to use, built-in services like voicemail, fax, web-portal, web based operators, mobility, contact center, agent support and presence for organizations up to 1000 users. 

Larger installations are possible because of its scalable software architecture. FATS2 is build on open standards for IP-based voice communication.


Vdex is an IP telephone system for the small business market that supports up to 50 SIP / IAX phones. For higher reliability, Vdex works without hard disks or noisy fans which are prone to mechanical failure. Equipped with a large amount of flash memory, Vdex is able to store client voicemail messages and customized soundfiles. For more detailed information about Vdex, please visit the product Web site