AstA*UI (Asterisk® Appliance User Interface) is a web-browser based user interface for the configuration and management of Asterisk® based appliances. The software is optimized for performance and minimal resource usage. It is compatible with modern web-browsers like Firefox and Internet-Explorer. AstA*UI enables simple users to setup Asterisk® appliances as a modern and powerful telephone system. Currently, AstA*UI supports the Vdex appliance.

 Highlights of AstA*UI in combination with the Vdex hardware:

  • Mobile phones working as extension phones
  • Outgoing calls from mobile phones via Vdex by using the office caller-ID
  • International calls from mobile phones through Vdex
  • Flexible auto attendant
  • Trunk bundeling
  • Forwarding voicemail files to email
  • Welcome messages and incoming call distribution are time dependent
  • Time dependent least cost routing
  • Various possible actions in case of unanswered calls
  • WiFi SIP phones fully supported as extension phones

AstA*UI allows the configuration of many features:

  • SIP/IAX provider and FXO line support
  • SIP/IAX phone and external phone (outside extensions, mobile phones) support
  • Voicemailboxes (answering machine)
  • Voicemail forwarding (via email with attached soundfile also via webmail)
  • Different time periods (calendar days, week days, time spans)
  • Day/time dependent call rules for incoming calls
  • Day/time dependent least cost routing
  • WAV audio file upload
  • Customizable music on hold content
  • Customizable welcome messages
  • Automated call routing via interactive voice response menus (IVR, auto attendant)
  • DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
  • Personal conference rooms with conference recording capability
  • Backup Support

At the request of system integrators, VARs and telephony providers AstA*UI can be enhanced, adapted and ported to other platforms.